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Notes on Tracks 26-50

Disco Birthday Shake-shake-shake your bootie to this 70's flashback version of "Happy Birthday to You." It's based on the 70's hit "Boogie-oogie-oogie."
Melancholy Birthday Have you heard of French composer Eric Satie? Well, his piece "Trois Gymnopedies" is brilliantly blended in this rendition with "Happy Birthday to You." It is more for the introverted type, as the title suggests.
Mexican Birthday The authentic sound of a mariachi band is unmistakable here. One of the best ethnic pieces on The Birthday CD, it incorporates two well-known Mexican pieces--Cielito Lindo and Mexican Hat Dance.
Country Birthday We had an option of combining some recent country hit song with "Happy Birthday to You," but the more classic country piece "Tennessee Waltz" fit so perfectly, we just had to use it. A great rendition!
Bluegrass Birthday Banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and bass are the backbone of this sizzling-hot rendition.
Tango Birthday Dancing the Tango takes some skill, and having the right musical piece to practice to can get you started on the right foot. This version of "Happy Birthday to You" features the famous tango "La Comparsita."
Swing-Jazz Birthday The best Swing-Jazz arrangement of "Happy Birthday to You" ever written, bar none. (Michael Hughes taught at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts--the best Jazz school in the US).
Fifties Birthday Is this how they played "Happy Birthday to You" back in the 50's? If we could only ask Elvis . . . but maybe we still can???
Samba Birthday All the instruments you hear in Brazilian carnival music go to make up this lively Samba piece, and it shows!
Lullaby Birthday This rendition is perfect for playing during the first few birthdays of one's life, or if you just want to feel like a baby again on your birthday. The "Happy Birthday" melody is cleverly combined with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," Tchaikovsky's Waltz from his "Sleeping Beauty," and Brahm's "Lullaby."
Patriotic Birthday As far as we know, this is the first time "Happy Birthday to You" has been musically joined with "The Star-Spangled Banner." We think it ought to be the official Fourth of July song.
Chopsticks Birthday Have you ever played the kids' two-finger piano piece, "Chopsticks"? This rendition is based on it, but requires a little more dexterity.
Gothic Birthday We want to keep this one a surprise--after all, Gothic implies mystery.
Polka Birthday In some parts of the world Polka is still big. Polka Birthday combines "Happy Birthday to You" with "Beer Barrel Polka" (surely you know this song--"Roll out the barrels, la la, la la la, la la . . .")
Heavenly Birthday You may have your own touched-by-an-angel story after hearing this version, which mixes "Happy Birthday to You" with the music of "The Lord's Prayer."
Salsa Birthday The Latin groove in this piece is sooo spicy, all the right moves will just come to you!
Ragtime Birthday A solo piano composition in the bouncy ragtime style. Be advised that if you're ever asked in a karaoke bar to sing "Happy Birthday to You" to this version, you might become tongue-tied.
Unhappy Birthday Even though this version is a bit on the somber side, it is a very unique and engaging version of "Happy Birthday to You." Based on a composition by Chopin called "Funeral March" (it's so sad it's funny).
Rock Birthday This 60's rock version takes you back a few decades, and is sure to bring back some good memories (if you were around then, and your memory is still intact now).
Dreamy Birthday A rendition based on classical composer Claude Debussy's "Reverie." We hope all your dreams will come true on your birthday (or within a few days thereafter).
Hip-hop Birthday A hip-hop version that some claim is on the cool side of smooth (others say it's on the smooth side of cool).
Gospel Birthday Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! It's your birthday! A true-to-gospel rendition, capturing all the genuine spiritual excitement of black church music.
Chopin Birthday Based on Chopin's "Minute Waltz," a classical piano piece that's light and refreshing.
Asian Birthday If some traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Balinese musicians got together to play "Happy Birthday to You," this is probably what they would come up with. One of the best on The Birthday CD.
New Year's Birthday This is the only known combination of "Happy Birthday to You" with "Auld Lang Syne" (the song played on New Year's Eve). A fitting grand finale to The Birthday CD.

These comments on the 50 tracks aren't repeated on the CD jacket that comes with The Birthday CD. For that we kept the *really entertaining comments*, so be sure to read them when you get your copy of The Birthday CD.

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